Result Oriented Marketing

Create Great Customer Engagement

Social media is the best way to engage with the people who mean the most to your business: your customers. With the ability to join conversations or cultural events as they're happening, social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools your brand utilize to connect with your core audience and expand your online presence to drive valuable actions for your business: in-store visits, website conversions and more.

  • Well written content attracts more audience.
  • Stunning social media designs.
  • Landing page design and integration.

At Nuage Africa, we work with brands and businesses across, earned and paid media to create dynamic campaigns that speak to the perfect people, on the perfect platform, at the perfect time.

Our Process

Our comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines and more like for your pages.


This is the root from which your social strategy will develop. At Nuage Africa we know how important it is to define who you are, but from the perspective of a two-way conversation.

We don't just develop brand identity which is pretty standard, we create for you a two way conversation, by defining the parameters such as what to say, what not to say, which tone to maintain.

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Together we establish what is the best strategy for your business. What is your target audience? does this target audience includes investors, employees, journalist and everyone esle?

The goal of our strategy is to give you long-lasting results. We use analytics at the hear of our approach. We focus on driving measurables results that ladder up to your larger brand goals. We're dedicated to help your brand move forwad.

design process


Your campaign will be built from your identity. We use the knowledge, techine and Guidelines that we have perfected. Our team will build your campaign based on your budget adn target audience.

Your budget can be set per day or a set budget per month. The campaign can target such areas as Key phrases used on Social Media, Hashtags, Salary, Age, Marital Status...and more.

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At Nuage Africa we understand that it is here that the money is made. After all the previous steps, we can now create engaging content to share on your social media channels.

So what exactly is considered content? Here are a few expamples of content you could create: Images, Videos, Blog Posts, Business News, Infographics, eBooks and internviews. Content is what fuels social media, so it is crucial that the content created be of high quality and engaging.

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This is a very important step in digital marketing. Therefore we track our results and analyze the data to then make tweaks and optimize our strategy. We continuously re-evaluate each of the previous step.

We know that a great social media strategy is never set in stone. Therfore we committed to make it a work in progress and change when it is necessary.

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